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12-Jan-2017Herbieherb@hoststar.netwas on Uhuru
14-Jan-2017TouristFeeling as king
03-Feb-2017AnneOur tour with Kigusa was magnificent!!!
17-Feb-2017John Climberjclim@freenet.comKilimanjaro is technically the easiest to climb of the Seven Summits . You don’t need ropes or special mountaineering gear, or even any previous mountain climbing experience. The youngest person to reach the summit was six years old, and the eldest (as of 2011), was 83. That does not mean Kilimanjaro is risks-free. Rockslides and acute altitude sickness kill ten climbers on average each year (the subject of a forthcoming post).
04-Mar-2017Sam Willingswmountainer@cablecom.netJust gotten back from climbing Killimanjaro and I’m absolutely shattered! I’m alive and I made it to the top of the summit – watching the sunset at 5895 metres above sea level above the clouds was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen – but I tell you what, climbing to the top was the hardest thing Ive ever done. While the first 3 days of the climb were quite long, they were quite easy and included some pretty full on scaling of cliff faces and rock climbing which was cool, but the final day, the summit attempt was absolute hell! It was the most physically and emotionally taxing challenge I’ve ever had to face – we set off for the summit at midnight and climbed straight up for 7 hours straight.
12-Mar-2017checkerAuf dem höchsten Berg Afrikas, das war schön