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Insiders as well as those who already have been at the big highlights of Tanzania are well advised to visit the not so popular, but nevertheless interesting areas.
So, if you have a need to be a bit off "the beaten path," the following recommended places are your deal.

Arusha National Park

The Arusha National Park is situated in the north of the Safari capitol Arusha with the highest mountain Mount Meru, an extinct volcano. For those, who have few time, Arusha N.P. is also worth for a daytrip. Besides 'typical animals' one can see monkeys in the mountain forests.

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People / Masaai

The Massai, Maasai, Maassai or Masai are an ethnic group living in the South of Kenia and north of Tanzania. Their conspicuous cloths and their semi nomadic and traditional way of life make them well known in the world. Their huts are made of cow dung. Cattle, sheep and goats play a central role in their culture. Engai is the god of the Masaai, who lives on Mount Oldonyo Lengai.

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Active volcano Oldonyo Lenai, Lake Ndutu, the Shifting Sands or Olkarien Gorge are also fascinating targets of interest. Learn more about these not so well known Tanzanian natural phenomena.

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